One Meal A Day Days off

I found that being at work on One Meal a Day is easier than being at home with the food.  Yesterday I think I ate everything in the house.  Then today I was a little smarter, I ate all the veggies.  But now I am thinking about going to town and buying some chips and salsa.

Being a day off I forgot to weigh myself this morning.  I have already had all the veggies but my weight is – 258.  Which is that bad considering where I started.  The holidays have definitely been hard on the self-control.

I do have to say eating one meal a day has been great on my weekly allowance.  I used to spend $25 ish a week on lunch.  Being a vegetarian shopping for lunch at convenience stores wasn’t healthy at all.  I ate a lot of chips and salsa.

Anyway, If you are reading this I hope you’re getting something out of it.  I enjoy only eating one meal a day.

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One Meal a Day Week 3

What an amazing week!

This week was super easy.  The normal eating time hunger pains have vanished.  I didn’t feel hungry until I was cooking dinner for the family.

Also, I work where everyone shares food.  We have counters where people will bring in Donuts, Snacks and homemade creations.  I haven’t had a single snack.

I feel amazing and can’t wait till Monday’s weigh in.


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One Meal A Day & Christmas Weekend

One Meal a Day and Christmas Weekend = NOT One Meal a Day.

Oh well, the Christmas weekend wasn’t about weight loss, It’s about FAMILY.

I was able to keep my portions down, but I grazed a lot.

Tuesday Weight in is back to 258.  Which isn’t that bad considering I started this adventure at 273.

This week will be easy to maintain One Meal a Day,…..  No money.

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