Motivation Problems

I am having Motivation Problems. Walking the same three miles everyday has become annoying. The only time I really walk the entire way is if someone goes with me.

I am thinking about alternating weeks. Maybe doing the walk one week then doing yoga the other week. What do you think? Maybe leave me a comment below.

Life and a new business adventure is taking up a lot of my time. I know what my motivation problems are and they suck. I get bored very easy. Just like this website. Updating it has become boring. I guess we’ll see how it progresses.

Until next time.

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Lazy Workout Week

I didn’t do a single workout all week long. I did loose 3 pounds though. I believe I only lost that weight because of Portion Control During meals.

Because I didn’t workout at all, this post is more or less over.

This post is 2 days late because of the Holiday and I have walked 3 miles each day, so next weeks post will have more information.

For those of you just reading this blog I am on a life changing Fitness Journey. One week off hasn’t derailed anything.

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My Spartan Beast & Sprint

Spartan Beast

Aug, 27th 2016 I completed the Spartan Beast at Breckenridge, Colorado. The 14+ mile course was on the Breckenridge Ski slope. Below is a map with the details of the Obstacle Course.
Breckenridge Course Map

The 2016 Breckenridge Spartan Beast was 13+ miles long with 30 Obstacles.
This was my first Spartan obstacle course in over 20 years. I am not going to lie,…. It was hard. The hardest part of the course was the altitude. Starting around 9,664 feet climbing to 11,432 feet the altitude really got to me. After the 50lb sandbag carry, which was around the 11,400 mark, It took me awhile to catch my breath. I thought I was hyper ventilating and had to take a extended break to finally calm down.
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