One meal a day

Going to try to eat only One Meal A Day. This isn’t something I have come up with. If you search for it on YouTube you’ll find lots of supporting and opposing information.

Tomorrow (Dec 8) will be my first day. I will be drinking lots of water and taking a vitamin. Other than that,…. Nothing.

I do not recommend this for anyone. If you want to try the One Meal A Day plan then you need to do some research.

I will be blogging my experience.

Please feel free to comment below.

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30 Day Challenge

First thing…. I broke into the 250’s. This morning I weighed in at 259. I know it’s only 1 pound but I’ll take it.

30 Day Challenge

I have started a 7 Minute 30 Day Challenge. Day one was a joke. I started way to easy. Tomorrow I will do the Medium Plan.
Here is the Medium Plan
15 – Jumping Jacks
5 – Push-ups
15 – Squats
15 – Curtsy Lunges
15 – Cross Arm Crunches
10 – Knee Push-Ups
10sec – Side Plank Left
15 – Long Arm Crunches
10sec – Side Plank Right

I will do this one for the next week and report back Monday.

7 Minute Android App

There are many many workout apps out there. I chose one, simply called 7 Minute. This app has some great FREE workout plans. For me the free plans are enough.

Side Note

I received a set of Monkey Bars last weekend. I installed them and using them is difficult for me. I am excited to add them to my daily routine.

Hopefully with the new workout plan I will stay motivated and actually get into better shape.

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New Direction

I am taking my Fitness Journey in a new direction. It’s fricken cold in the morning and I really hate walking the same area each day.

Mixing it up.

This week I will be concentrating on stretching. I believe flexibility will help with a lot of the pain in my lower back. I will also be doing Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Pull-Ups, Dips, Squats and Plank.


Keeping It Stupidly Simple. I hope by changing it up and keeping it simple I will maintain some sort of fitness. I don’t want to loose interest and stop completely.

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