5-30-30 Challenge

Yay, Another 30 Day Challenge.

I am calling this one the 5-30-30 challenge. It’s very simple and I like simple.
5 Days a week.
30 Minutes.
30 Day Cycles.
This challenge takes 6 weeks to complete, Monday thru Friday.

I work a normal 8 to 5 job Monday thru Friday. The weekends are for family time and rest.

Here’s the Plan

I have found that working out is extremely difficult for me.  In Fact I HATE working out.

The first 30 days is going to be training my brain that 30 minutes a day is for working out.  If I don’t feel like working out I have to sit there doing nothing.  Kinda making myself realize that I might as well do something, anything.

Day 1.

Last night I set my timer and started my workout.  Pushups, Situps, Plank and other random moves.  I noticed that I spent a lot of time looking at the timer, but I made it 30 minutes.

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