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5-30-30 Challenge

Yay, Another 30 Day Challenge. I am calling this one the 5-30-30 challenge. It’s very simple and I like simple. 5 Days a week. 30 Minutes. 30 Day Cycles. This challenge takes 6 weeks to complete, Monday thru Friday. I

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30 Day Challenge

First thing…. I broke into the 250’s. This morning I weighed in at 259. I know it’s only 1 pound but I’ll take it. 30 Day Challenge I have started a 7 Minute 30 Day Challenge. Day one was a

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New Direction

I am taking my Fitness Journey in a new direction. It’s fricken cold in the morning and I really hate walking the same area each day. Mixing it up. This week I will be concentrating on stretching. I believe flexibility

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