Farther than I thought

Weekend Goals

Math was never a strong subject for me in school, case in point. I thought we were going to hike for 14 miles this weekend. Turns out that it was 14.99 miles, so I am going to round it up to 15 miles.

Saturday Hike

Our Saturday hike was slow and steady just like we planned. We ended up doing 15 miles and it wasn’t that bad. The last 4 miles I was hurting though. My legs started to get real tight. Again our younger sister (in-law) came with us. It’s nice to spend time with family.

Sunday Hike

This Sunday we went on a 5 mile hike instead of resting because next week is the Spartan Race. It was just the wife and I. We talked about next weekends plans and the sheer excitement of the race pushed us along. In no time our 5 miles was done and we were back home packing.

This weeks plan

Stretching!!! Lots and Lots of Stretching (and packing). Will be walking about a mile and then stretching.

There will not be a end of week post because we are leaving for Spartan Friday Morning. But I will have lots to talk about Tuesday.

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