One Meal a Day End of Week 2

Not a bad week.  It is getting easier to only eat One Meal a Day.

Monday was a success.  Only had One Meal

Tuesday was a huge failure.  I ate Doritos during lunch, and it was the whole bag.  I felt like crap for a few hours after.  I used to eat Doritos every day and never felt that bad.  I guess my system flushed out the nasty parts and now it’s bad for me.  Maybe if I ate more they wouldn’t affect me as such.  Oh well I don’t want to eat them anyway.

Wednesday and Thursday was great.  Only One Meal each day.  Wednesday night was interesting, I had a small bowl of rice and veggie chicken.  That meal was maybe 500 calories.  But remember I am still 256 pounds and have a lot of fat reserves.  Thursday, on the other hand, was Taco night and I had 4 tacos with Spanish rice, Birthday cake and homemade Icecream.  Not sure how many calories, but it was a great Birthday party.  (Not mine)

Friday….. Oh Friday.  Today is the company x-mas lunch.  Pizza and salad.  I am torn on what to do.  Dinner tonight is going to be more pizza with the extended family.  I think I will eat both meals but limit the portions.


Overall I am still super excited with the One Meal a Day eating plan.  It is working for me.  My body still gets “hungry” around previous eating times.  The hunger pains are going away sooner or I am not noticing them as much.

*Anyway.  please read the Disclaimer in the menu bar.*


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