One meal a day first week

First full week, but not perfect.

Monday, I was able to only eat one meal.
Tuesday and Wednesday I had potato chips and bean dip.
Thursday and Friday only one meal.
Weekends I eat with my family if they are paying attention.

I am writing this on Friday morning but I know I will not eat lunch. See I hit a deer with my pickup Wednesday night. So my truck is at the auto body shop. This means I don’t have a ride during lunch so I can give in to the hunger pains.

Speaking on Hunger Pain, They really aren’t that bad. The pains happen during previous eating times. So this brings me to think they are mental.

I know it’s only been a week but I believe I will be able to keep up with this eating plan.


*If you are interested please do your own research.  This is just my experience.  Consult your doctor.

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