Slow & Steady

12 Slow and Steady Miles this week

I only did 12 miles this week. My wife and I were up late handling a family issue. I swear the alarm when off 10 minutes after I fell asleep. I didn’t get up like I should have, instead I reset it and fell asleep.

As for the 12 miles that I did complete, I am getting faster at my 3 miles. I am running more and more each morning. I have started wearing a jacket and beanie to keep warm. After the walk / run I am still doing my short workouts. I am getting stronger and the muscle soreness has gone away. Of course the harder I push my self the more soreness I feel, which is good.

Weekend Plans

We will be doing a Slow & Steady 15 mile walk this weekend. Even though is a longer hike than last week it will be easier. We will be walking the roads around our house. Hopefully we will be starting our 15 miles at 5 am so we can walk in the cool air. It still gets warm here during the day.


Next week we will be heading up to Breckenridge Colorado for the Spartan Beast. The Beast is around 15 miles long with 25+ obstacles. I will create a Spartan Post next week but in the mean time click to visit the Spartan Beast event Page.

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