My Spartan Beast & Sprint

Spartan Beast

Aug, 27th 2016 I completed the Spartan Beast at Breckenridge, Colorado. The 14+ mile course was on the Breckenridge Ski slope. Below is a map with the details of the Obstacle Course.
Breckenridge Course Map

The 2016 Breckenridge Spartan Beast was 13+ miles long with 30 Obstacles.
This was my first Spartan obstacle course in over 20 years. I am not going to lie,…. It was hard. The hardest part of the course was the altitude. Starting around 9,664 feet climbing to 11,432 feet the altitude really got to me. After the 50lb sandbag carry, which was around the 11,400 mark, It took me awhile to catch my breath. I thought I was hyper ventilating and had to take a extended break to finally calm down.

Spartan Sprint

The day after the Beast we volunteered to support the Sunday Sprint, which earned us a free entry to the Spartan Sprint. Our start time was 12:15, only 15 minutes after our volunteer shift. This race was the second obstacle course in over 20 years. The Spartan Sprint was 4+ miles long with 18 obstacles.

Here I am with my Spartan Beast and Spartan Sprint medals.
spartan medals

My Wife and Course Buddy

I am very impressed with my wife and I look forward to attending another race with her. We completed both courses together supporting each other along the way. Together we helped and motivated each other to do our best. I really believe my wife could have completed the course faster if she didn’t have to wait on my slow ass.

Spartans are family

Each obstacle can be completed if you are physical fit enough. There are “elite” racers that compete for time and can win money. I AM NOT one of those people. The 9 foot wall was one obstacle that I could not finish on my own. After helping my wife over I must have had a look of fear, because this random guy who I have never seen before asked if I needed help. YES was my answer, both days! After I was over the wall I went around to see if I could help him, only to see him scale the wall with ease.

One of my favorite obstacles is what I call the Batman (Spartan Slip Wall). Using a rope you climb up the wall and use a “ladder” to get down the other side. I was about to climb down the ladder when I heard someone yell “help her”. I looked over to see a lady struggling to make the transition over the top. By the time I reached her someone else was also there. Together all 3 of us worked to complete the obstacle. None of us had ever met before, yet we are all part of the Spartan Family.

Ready for the next race

We are already making plans for the next Spartan. February 2017 in Arizona. After we sign up and know for sure we are racing I will post our team name and sign up information. I would love to complete the course with a full team of like minded people.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Together we can complete the weight loss obstacle.

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