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Tis the season for family and friends to show their support for the previous year and encourage the upcoming year unless……..


Some of us Veggies have understanding people in our lives. Yet someone will eventually say “Where do you get your Protein?”

At one time I hated being asked that question. Then I started researching where I actually got my Protein. What I found was amazing and now I LOVE being challenged about my dietary choices.

Of course I like to keep the top part of my posts simple so here is the answer to Where do you get protein as a veggie. “THE SAME PLACE YOU GET IT.” Plants, it’s that simple. As a veggie we get the protein fresh from the source. Meat eaters have to wait for the Cow, Deer, Pig, or other animal to process the Protein which they get from eating plants. (More on this below)

Well that’s it for the Short and Simple.

But you may want more and I love talking about being a Veggie so sit back and enjoy.

First a little about my Veggie experience. To start off I love shortening everything so when I say Veggie it’s a positive label for me. I am a Vegetarian and am trying to become a Vegan. I was a Vegan for about 6 months but my wife loves cheese and is always buying the amazing tasting cheeseā€™s. So eventually I fell off the wagon and have become a vegetarian. But cheese is the only thing I eat that keeps me from having VEGAN POWERS!!!! I don’t eat eggs and use egg re-placer in all our baking. I have been a veggie off and on for 10 years with the last 4 years being full Veggie.

You may hear the following…..

Why are you a Vegetarian?

There are two main answers I use here and it depends on the person asking. First, I ask if they believe in the bible or not. If they do believe in the bible then I tell them that Gods greatest creation, Man and Woman, where Vegan. It wasn’t until after the Flood around 1,800 years later did God allow humans to eat meat. Click to visit Bible Resources .org for more information and passages.

But if they are scientific and believe in evolution then the answer is a bit more complicated. But the short answer is….. Humans don’t have the speed to catch our prey. Humans don’t have claws to rip apart flesh. Humans don’t have teeth to rip the flesh, we have teeth to chew our food. Humans don’t have the digestive system to process uncooked raw meat.


Protein only comes from Meat?

I love this statement and love making people use their Meat Grinding Brain to figure it out. The first thing I say is “Where does the cow get its protein from? You can see the Meat Grinders start to work at this point. Then it hits them….. Cattle aren’t carnivores and they only eat plants. (or cattle feed on industrial cattle farms)

Meat Protein makes you stronger.

Again I love this one. I live outside the city among hunters, Deer, Elk and Bear hunting is a huge deal here. So I am usually talking to hunters so this answer may not work on your crowd. But I ask, “If your protein is so much better and makes you stronger then why do you shoot your food? I mean just run up to the Deer and grab it by the neck and kill it.” I usually get a what the heck did you just say look. Then I say “Or is that animal who eats only plants faster and stronger than you?”

Some herbivores are weak like the sloth.

“Yes, thank you for going to the extreme, the Sloth is a weak animal.” But a majority of herbivores are stronger and are used when the human isn’t strong enough. Lets take pack animals for instant. Horses, Ox and Elephants. Yes the largest land animal on the planet is a Veggie. By the way,… I would pay to see a meat eating human fight an elephant. But to be fair the human and the elephant will only use what they were born with, except I will allow the human to wear cloths. Not interested in seeing a naked human get thrown around.

Eating Meat has made humans smart.

Ok finally something they said has made sense. Now it’s time for me to go to the extreme and say…. “Then why don’t Lions, Tigers and Bears Have Cell phones and other inventions? But to be fair I back down and say yes Eating Meat did cause a boom in civilization. Eating meat means we don’t have to spend all day Forging for food. Our ancestors could sit and ponder life while inventing better ways to live instead of forging for food. But eating meat is why humans are “smart”.

What is your favorite or problem question?

I would love to hear from you about your adventures in Veggie Land. Please leave a comment or question below.

Simply Travis Vegan Powers

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