This morning I opened the door, turned the lights on and walked straight to my desk.  I haven’t said a word yet, and to my surprise neither has Blue.  Although he is just laying there staring at me while I type.  It’s rather creepy having them stare at me, yet it hasn’t bothered me to stare at them.

This might be a good time to bring you up to date on why Blue is here.  Blue is the prime suspect in sending a young woman to the ER.  She was beaten so bad, that the doctors had to induce a coma.  As of today, the 13th she is…

Do I get breakfast? –  Hey, I’m talking to you, asshole. 

Oh dang, I was hoping he would be polite.  Kinda fitting he would interrupt me right as I was about to say… she is still alive and the doctors are hopeful.

When Blue made his comment I looked up over my screen to see that he didn’t even stand up to ask about breakfast.  He is just laying there, staring at the ceiling like he doesn’t even care.  I guess if he doesn’t care then I don’t care.  Maybe I should move him into the other cell, the one without a bed.

The Guest of Honor

Anyway, back to the update.  Blue became the guest of honor Saturday, June 2.  He awoke to find himself locked in a 7’ x 7′ metal room.  Three metal wall and one door made from 1 inch Rebar welded in a 6″ square pattern.  The base of the door has a 6″ x 12″ opening for a food tray and bathroom tray.   He doesn’t know it but we are also 13′ underground.

Having been through this before, I have learned to let them get acquainted with their surroundings before I introduce myself.  I turned on the lights and just sat there with headphones listening to my music.  I really don’t like to hear them yelling at me and threatening to kill me, again something I have learned.

Once he looked like he was done yelling I removed my headphones.  He started to yell again so I just put my finger to my mouth and “shhhhh.”  Of course, this didn’t work, so I put my headphones back on.

This didn’t go over very well.  The way I remember it, he acted like a caged monkey and started to kick the door and bounce off the walls.  This was rather amusing, which brought a smile to my face.  But, I just sat there watching him.  I could care less if he hurts himself, but the longer they last the more fun it is for me.

After a few more minutes of nodding to the music, I could see that he was ready to talk.  So again I took off my headphones.  This time he was calmer and asked who I was, so I told him my name, Travis.  He then asked why I was doing this to him.  I told him, “You did this to yourself when you almost killed your girlfriend.”   I don’t think that was the answer he wanted because he started yelling at me again, so I turned off the lights and locked up.  That was day 1.

Back to Today:

Blue must have figured out what I was doing and asked politely if he could have something to eat.  He even ended with a, please.  I threw 2 snack bars toward the door.  Only one of them made it inside the cage, with the other one landing outside his reach.  Without any conversation, I went over, picked it up and tossed it to him.

The rest of the day was in total silence, even dinner and chores were quite.   Tomorrow we will try to have a conversation.

Side notes:

I love the noise canceling headphones I bought.  Maybe I should provide a link to the ones I own, just in case you want to buy them.


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