Blog Beginning

Hey future me, how are things going?  Today is the first day we started writing, or blogging about our life.  Hopefully, this isn’t being read during a trial, cause that would suck so hard.

Oh well, read on and remember.

I would call this The Beginning but that isn’t true.  The beginning was a while ago.  This blog is for my memory.  I have Aphantasia, which means I lack a “mind’s eye”.  I cannot visualize my memories.  The details in this blog will help me to recall my life so far.

So, where are we right now?  Well, it’s June 2018, which means 4 have attended and 3 have found justice.  “Blue” is still with us waiting for the 21st when he goes to the Farm to join the other 3.  We kept Blue a little longer because of our anniversary.

Speaking of our anniversary,…  Wow, 21 years with an amazing woman.  I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have her, and also that she hasn’t figured anything out.  Instead of going camping for a week we are going to Las Vegas.  There is a huge fire near our favorite camping site and there is a burn restriction.  Not having a campfire while camping is just wrong.

But enough about me.  You are here for……

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