The one I call Blue

Hello, Today is June 12th, 2018.  I am still getting used to running a blog and I am not sure how much I really want to talk about.  I recently read something from a couple of great minds, or at least I thought one of them was.   This first thing is if you want to write, “Start with 200 crappy words a day”.  The second thing comes from someone I used to admire until he committed suicide.  “Write like no one is reading.”  So here we go.

Well before we get too far, let me set the scene a little, and I mean a little.  After a long walk, I come to a door.  I open it and turn on the lights. (see, that was a little. lol)

Morning Blue.

Fuck you.

Ah, must we go through this every morning?

Fuck off, asshole.

It’s Tuesday, which means shower day. Do you want a shower? If not, we can wait till next week.


How about breakfast? 

*more silence

Well, Blue.  As soon as you say, I’d like breakfast please, I will let you eat. Then we will work on getting you a shower. 

That was 15 Minutes ago and Blue still hasn’t asked for his breakfast.  I think I like it when they fight. Ha, here I am talking like I am an expert.  Blue is only my 4 victim.  Victim, I don’t like calling them victims.  I know their current situation puts them in a “victim” status but they are far from being victims.  I need to come up with another term.  Maybe you can help, yes you, reading this. 

Let’s bring you up to date with whats going on.  I am not sure how you found my blog but please stay and enjoy yourself.  If you do stay you might be similar to me and might like what you read.  See, I am bringing justice to some people who I think need it.  Don’t get me wrong, the police are doing a great job but sometimes the lawyers get in the way.  In fact, a lot of time the justice system fails right after the cops do their jobs.

I guess you can call it Vigilante Justice. which in my opinion is wrong most of the time.   I will not provide too many details about myself right now, but let’s just say I have the means to help some people in need.

Which bring us to Blue, who is Blue?  Well, Blue is a 32-year-old male who beat his girlfriend almost to death.  She is still in a coma as of yesterday the 11th.  I check on her often but not so much as to bring suspicion upon myself.  She has been in that coma for 3 weeks now and Blue doesn’t seem to care too much.  Yea, he does ask about her, but it’s like he is just saying the words.

Why do I call him Blue you ask? Even if you didn’t ask I am going to tell you.  When I kidnapped him, he was wearing a blue t-shirt, blue jeans, and a blue baseball cap.  I learned not to call “them” by their real names.  Real names show sympathy, and I have no sympathy for the scum. So I come up with other names.  Maybe you could help name someone later?

Anyway, Blue is trying to get my attention.  I think he’s ready to play nice.

Do you need something Blue?


Is that how you get food?

Can I have my breakfast?

*Raising my eyebrows and tilting my head I wait…

P L E A S E.

Ok, put all that together without the attitude.

Can I have my breakfast, please?  

Of course blue, today we have two nice and healthy breakfast bars.  One is strawberry and one is blueberry.  Here, catch, I’ll be back later.

6 pm

For now, I am not sure how much I want to include in this blog.  I would think that you are here to see what happens to Blue, so I won’t include what I was doing after I fed him.  I do have a normal life, well, its normal to me.

Alright Blue, are you ready for your shower and then dinner?

That would be nice, Thank you.

Mr. Blue, that was very polite of you.  I think I’ll give you some warm water today…  Don’t look so surprised, I told you that if you are polite, I will be polite.

I allow Blue some privacy after I turn on both the cold and hot water.  I have no interest in watching a grown man shower or any man for that matter.  Being Gay doesn’t bother me, I am just not into guys and I am definitely not into watching the scum of the earth take showers.

I am at my desk with my tablet writing my “200 crappy words,” which you are reading right now.  By the time I am done writing today’s blog, Blue is done with his shower and is sitting on his bed eating the dinner I provided.  Tomorrow I will give a few details about where Blue and I are.  I am rather proud of what I have created and I think you might be too.  We are going to test Blue and see just how “polite” he can be.

Goodnight Blue.



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